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Sunday, 9 June 2019

How to get award in High school

For any student hoping to attend college in the coming year, the first place you need to start is by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid that is commonly referred to as FAFSA. The earlier you fill out this form the better as far as your chances of receiving the full amount of financial aid that is available to you as well as to clear up and fix any potential problems that may arise well ahead of the deadline for aid being awarded.

The final date for application changes from year to year and is generally somewhere near the beginning of summer. Earlier is much better than later as far too many students wait until closer to deadline in order to fill out their forms and if you have any questions you are likely to find yourself standing in or calling into longer lines for your answers.

There are a few things you need to know about the FAFSA. Most schools require this form to have been filled out before they will award any financial aid, not just federal financial aid. In other words you should check with your school but you may need to fill out this form even if you are only applying for departmental scholarships and not federal financial aid. It is a good idea to begin at the financial aid office of the institution you plan to attend at any rate to make sure they do not have additional forms that they require you fill out in order to apply with financial aid through the university or college as well as the federal government.

Another thing you need to be well aware of is that you will need to fill out one of these forms for each year that you hope to receive financial aid of any kind. This is not something that is automatically renewed or guaranteed. There are many changes that could affect the amount of money you are eligible to receive as well as whether or not you are eligible to receive federal funds at all on any given academic year. For this reason you must apply for aid for each year that you attend.

Another thing that you must remember is that while a subsidized student loan doesn’t been to accrue interest until you graduate or cease to be enrolled for the required hours, an unsubsidized student loan begin accruing interest from day one. This means that you will owe a substantial amount of money in interest upon graduation if you take out an unsubsidized student loan in order to pay for educational expenses.

Student loans make college educations possible for many people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend college. At the same time there are many people, who neglect to use these loans responsibly, which is the beginning of irresponsible spending habits that can plague people for the remainder of their lives. Take great caution that you use your student loans for their intended purpose and use them wisely.

The FAFSA also enables you to apply for Federal Pell Grants and Federal Work Study programs in addition to student loans. Of the three mentioned above, student loans should be a last resort rather than a first. The amount of money available can prove to be quite tempting so be very careful and read all the terms before signing up for any and all financial aid. Your high school, college financial aid office, and the Internet are all excellent sources for information on scholarships, grants, loans, and work study programs for which you may qualify.
Student loans are both a blessing and a curse to college students all across the country. On one hand, student loans allow you to have the money you need in many cases to attend college at all. On the other hand, most college students, particularly those entering college for the first time have inflated opinions of their starting salaries upon graduation and the bills they will face while living in the real world. In fact, most freshmen college students have no real concept of the limits of money in which to base their decisions as to whether or not they can realistically expect to repay those funds once they’ve graduated college.

The sad truth is that many college graduates find that for the first 10-15 years after they have graduated college, they are essentially indentured servants to their student loan debts. There are many reasons for this and different college graduates will find different things about their student loans when the appropriate time comes. First of all, those taking out student loans need to understand that a college degree does not guarantee a high starting salary. Beyond that, a college degree is no guarantee that there will be employers lining up to take your name and number upon graduation. The truth is that most college grads take anywhere from 6 months to a year to find a job in their fields and even then the starting salaries are often far less than anticipated.

Part of the blame for over-inflated expectations is the fault of universities attempting to validate their high tuition rates by displaying average starting salaries of only those that have successful offers in the field of study immediately upon graduation (which usually indicates a history of working with the company or another company as an intern prior to being hired) and not those students who have no prior work experience in their chosen fields. Part of the expectations is students reading job advertisements for experienced workers in a field and assuming that an education will provide the experience that employers require. Regardless of the reason, most starting salary expectations are not realistic in light of the current market.

The problem is that for many students a student loan is the difference in receiving a college education or not receiving one. For these students, there is no option. The price they will pay (with interest) for having student loans in order to get through the educational process will repay itself over the course of a lifetime if they are wise about making the necessary payments and stay on top of things such as consolidation loans and making payments on time.

Student loans are a great tool for those who have no other options when it comes to attending and affording to attend a university. On the other hand, for those who do not have an absolute need for the funds a student loan can provide they can prove to be problematic when trying to establish your career and your lifestyle upon graduation. This is a tool for education that should be used sparingly at best.

Whether or not you choose to take out student loans in order to fund your college education it is a good idea if you exhaust all other available resources first. Check out your options for grants, scholarships, and work-study programs before leaping into student loans to pay for your education.
There are all kinds of college programs that are available today for those seeking higher education and degrees in a wide variety of fields. The problem often lies in finding the type of education that is appropriate for your specific needs. We all learn best through different methods and identifying your learning method is a great way to understand what learning environment will work best for you.

The common learning environments for college level studies are the following: community colleges, universities, and online or distance learning opportunities. Community colleges tend to offer smaller classrooms with more discussion-oriented styles of learning and discourse. Universities tend to be more lecture oriented while distance and online learning opportunities are quite often self-directed learning opportunities that require a great deal of discipline in order to be successful.

When trying to identify the college that will work best for you, you should keep in mind your personal learning style. Beyond that you should also consider the type of environment you expect from your college education and the amount of time you wish to devote to the pursuit of your education and degree. Some people find that university life is far too distracting while others find that the solitude of online and distance learning is a distraction in and of itself.

You will find all kinds of cultural opportunities at a university that you will not find through home studies or on the community college level. For some students, these opportunities are icing on the cake and an important part of the learning experience as you delve into other cultures, art, music, and history. Others find these opportunities to be far too plentiful and far too distracting for their study needs. Whichever student you tend to be will make a huge difference in the best situation for your learning needs.

Another important consideration is housing. Most universities have ample on campus housing for their students while a few campuses experience on campus housing shortages and rely on housing that is located in and around the college area in order to fill in the gaps. Some universities will even offer limiting housing opportunities to students who have spouses and children. While housing on community college is seen, particularly in rural areas where there is limited housing available in and around the schools, these are more often the exception rather than the rule. Most community colleges are largely commuter campuses with very limited if any housing opportunities. Online and distance learning programs offer no housing to students.

Another concern that most also be considered carefully is the distance between classes and any special needs you may have. Universities tend to be large and spread out. It is quite possible to need to get from one end of campus to another (a mile or more in some cases) with a 10-minute window in which to get it done. For students with special needs or physical disabilities this can be quite problematic, especially on days of inclimate weather. Community colleges tend to have smaller campuses, which mean less real estate to cover in between classes. Online and distance learning classes go with you wherever you have access to a computer. This means that they are as portable as you need them to be if you have your own laptop and wireless Internet access.

You must consider all these things and so much more when narrowing down your college choices. Do you really want to take the personal responsibility required in order to succeed in online and distant learning courses? Do you want to be limited by the meager offerings of coursework available at the community college level? Is it worth it to you to pay the high price involved in a university education? These are all questions that you need to consider carefully before making the decision as to which college environment is the most desirable for you.
When it comes down to the importance of an education there is no denying that the longer you stay in school the better off you are when it comes to earning potential over the course of your lifetime. Recent estimates have presented some rather astonishing figures to support these claims however, and I for one think they are well worth mentioning.

Let’s discuss first things first however. A high school diploma will net the average citizen $200,000 additional dollars of lifetime income on average. This is one small baby step when it comes to the educational process however. Some college, even without a degree will even increase that figure an additional $150,000 for a total of $350,000. If this isn’t enough to convince you however try the facts and figures that are associated with the additional earning potential that a four-year degree introduces: $500,000. This addition makes a total of $850,000 more over the course of a lifetime in earning potential. I don’t know about you but I find those figures to be quite a nice motivator for going back and finishing a degree.

While a person’s education may not be an accurate indicator of his or her actual ability it is often used in the business world to narrow down a growing field of applicants for a sadly stagnate number of positions across the country. There are things you just can’t see on a piece of paper and ability and capabilities are among those things. Businesses need a defining factor by which they narrow down the field of potential employees and that defining characteristic is often a college degree in the field of business or a complimentary major course of study.

While this may not seem fair to many who have the practical skills companies are seeking employees that can fill multiple roles in order to eliminate positions that have been occupied in the past. For this reason they want business people who have technical skills and a college education provides a brief introduction to many skills that are useful in these situations. Unfortunately, the only way to know whether or not you have these specific skills is if you list them on your resume while those who have a four-year degree are believed to have them by the merit of their educations.

The earning potential alone should be enough to turn your head when it comes to the importance of earning a college degree though there are many more excellent reasons to pursue the completion of your degree. If you haven’t considered some of the other wonderful reasons for returning to college and getting your degree, perhaps the reasons below will provide a little additional motivation.

1) Challenge. There is very little in life that offers the challenge of returning to college after an absence. It is a frightening prospect for many and yet can be equally as exciting. You will find that the constant exposure to academic debate is a great way to feed your mind and open your eyes to new ideas. Challenge your preconceptions and challenge the limits of your own experiences by opening up your mind to the thoughts and ideas of others.

2) Learn New Skills. There is never a bad time to begin learning new skills no matter what they say about old dogs and new tricks. The truth is that as long as you open your mind to learning you are feeding it and that is a great thing.

3) Career advancement. Whether you realize it or not, a college degree is one of the quickest paths you can take to career advancement.

If the money wasn’t enough to convince you of the impact that a four-year degree can make in your life perhaps the reasons mentioned above were enough to do the trick. Whether or not you realize how much a degree can affect your life the truth of the matter is that it can improve so many things about your life and how you view yourself and the world around you. Now is the perfect time to go back to school and earn your degree.
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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Best Time Management Systems for Students

Hi clicks on this page, you’re probably a hard working student who wants to improve their study skills even further. Or maybe you’re someone who tries really hard or wants to try really hard, but you’re not really seeing that payoff in your numbers. But we’ve come to the right video because today we’re going to go over five ish study techniques to help you improve your study skills. I’m not going to go into the obvious ones, like do a bunch of practice problems. And always pay attention in class and don’t do homework in your bed. You know, make sure your desk is neat and your room is neat. I at least that helps me doing work in a clean environment. I feel a lot less messy.

When I feel less messy. I can be more productive. Write down all your work and make a plan or your notes or whatever works for you. When I say clearly do practice problems, pay attention in class, take notes, do your homework that will make the biggest difference. Honestly,

These are five things that you can do to sharpen your skills even further.

Number one, differentiate your study methods. Now, I’ve always found it really effective, especially in high school to study differently for different subjects. To me, this is a very similar idea to, you know, using different color binders for different subjects, or shooting the same flavor of gum while studying as when you’re taking the actual test.

I think it’s like the same effect. I think it just gets your brain used to different environmental conditions, different sensations when you’re doing a certain activity that allows you to switch between them more quickly and more efficiently. Now, there are an infinite number of study methods and everybody has their favorites. I’m going to quickly go over study methods that I use for different classes, especially when I was in high school. There were many for example, in math.

I always used whiteboards. I loved using whiteboards for math, because you can use different colors to visualize each step not only turns your map into a picture, but also allows you to

You clearly see each step. And you know, the colors make it a little more fun than just doing practice problems over and over again, on pencil on paper, what I would do is in the corner, I would write in small print the date of the test the name of the test, if there was one in beneath it, I would just quickly bullet the content that would be covered on the test. So it was like trig identities or you substitution or integrals or anything like that, I would just quickly bleed on here so I knew exactly what to cover and then I would keep that on there the whole time.

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And then over here, I would do practice problems and practice problems over and over and over again history and social sciences in general government politics, all that I would mostly use quickly or Spanish or foreign language I was vocab I would like do piece of paper and fold it in half I’d have English on one side is finished on the other and I flipped through and check in quiz myself easily for economics I inserted picture right here I would do a bigger view on a whiteboard the day of the test just a few periods before my study hall because that’s just what worked well in my schedule in addition to making

My notes into a study guide or actually my notes already were a study guide. More on that in my how to take notes video and for science if it was like a physics or chemistry or something that and although the practice problems obviously I would do a lot of practice problems to study and look at all the questions and all tests and stuff like that but if it was more just like understanding concepts and memorizing material I would often use study song have a few of those on this channel and also listen to other people’s like ASAP science has some and yeah a lot of other people have some all you have to really do is go to the YouTube search bar and look up the topic and type the word song next to it. Something will come up this is YouTube.

Number two should be obvious, but if it’s not, I’m going to reiterate it. Always ask for help. Always ask for help. Always ask for help. Don’t be ashamed of asking for help. I did it all the time. The smartest people do they’re not ashamed to go to a teacher or go to a professor’s office hours or whatever to seek.

further explanation on a concept that’s totally normal is literally the teacher professors job, you’ll need more than just like a five minute conversation or five minute explanation see if your teacher will stay after school and work with you or if they have study sessions or if there is somewhere you can go to get further review or if they recommend reading certain chapters in your textbook doing practice problems or reviewing for a test and you really you’ve come across something you really don’t understand take some sticky notes and make a little note of it so that when you go and see your teacher professor to ask them about it leader you know exactly what to bring up you know exactly what your question will be.

Number three review easily review mindlessly review without straining your brain. This was one of my favorite tactics in high school because it was just so easy, no effort. Really what I’m talking about is just kind of always having information and knowledge and answers around you turn those mundane transitions of everyday life turn those mundane tasks into an opportunity.

To deeper you to further engage yourself intellectually listen to a podcast. When you’re in the car when that is relevant to what you’re learning or is related to something that you’re interested in, you can play sideshow Crash Course physics girl, very task to be sauce any educational content creators videos while you’re in the shower getting ready in the morning going to bed just having information constantly being read to you and explain to you in the background of your life I think is really helpful You don’t have to be focused in on what they’re saying but just having it there I think kind of shapes your mind to listen more as well as just learn more because you won’t pick up on all the information because you’re not in a situation where that’s your main focus but but you might learn something new or use it as an opportunity to review something that’s on coming test other methods you can employ that fall under this umbrella of number three is reading you can read I encourage you to read articles, books, even Twitter threads on topics that you’re interested about. I think that counts.

You can if you’re studying and you just want to always have the information around you again but physically you can take sticky notes and you can just put concepts and reminders of certain pieces of information all over your room all over your house so that you see them in your everyday life

Number four This one’s a big especially if you’re taking a college or AP class know the format of the exam that you’re taking know how many questions are going to be on it know how much time you have know if you need a pencil or pen know if you can bring a calculator know what kind of calculator you can use know how many sections there are no know if there’s going to be a break in between know it’s multiple choice short answer long essay, short essays and anything like that true false because that way you can practice problems like that you’ll feel so much more comfortable because you will have seen that material that style so much before and my fifth tip is to make it fun. This depending on the type of person you are fun means different things.

Like if you really like just bunker down and just silence desk, nothing but a desk light on just working for six straight hours that works for you go for it. You do you boo. I’m not judging you. But for me, especially when it comes to like math and science. I like to have fun while I do it.

I will listen to music if I’m doing those kinds if I’m doing a problem set, or I’ll watch Netflix really like this because I feel like if you have a good time when you’re doing your work, you all associate positive feelings and positive emotions with that work and it will make you enjoy learning more.

Obviously you can’t do that with all things like if you’re reading I definitely can’t watch Netflix. Well, I read but sometimes I listen to classical music and listen to an audio book. I can find that that helps say, Do whatever you need to do to trick yourself into thinking that homework is fun.

focus focus. espresso beans. help you do were like Adderall accepts just happy and not at all please don’t do trophies don’t do at all. Unless you’re subscribed to you. Please don’t. Please don’t don’t. I have never have never will. You won’t either. But we read on this thing. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. For me.

It all comes down really to preparing yourself ahead of time and making your work and you’re studying colorful and fun. Leave a comment down below about your favorite studies strategy or any one of these that you plan on trying out also let me know other content that you guys would maybe want to see.

Let me know if you guys would be down for like fitness and lifestyle videos because I totally be down to make those that hopefully really fun tips coming out in a few days. So stick around for that. Okay. Again, I’m Hannah and thank you so much for reading. I hope this helps. Hello everyone. We are now in 2019. And if you’re already feeling behind on your organization system for 2019, I’m here for you. I believe. And this is a mode of my year that if you want to achieve things in life, you need to start simple. And you need to go back to basics to achieve the perfect balance of what you need to be productive and organized.

This is why we are going to start with the free full organization system that will absolutely help you get your life together have everything seamlessly organized into one ecosystem.

So today we are going to talk of course, about the Google Apps for productivity and organization. Basically, this means that the Google ecosystem includes the calendar file, managing email, managing with productivity tools, text editors, and note taking app regarding the pros and cons of the Google ecosystem. I will start

By saying that it’s free. So as long as you have a compatible device, an internet connection and Google products aren’t blocked in your country, you’re able to access Google Apps. Also,

their synchronization between all the devices you use to access the same account and you have the ability to sign in into your organization system. In any computer or device. There’s also concept backing up of your information, so you’ll never be afraid of losing anything.

So there are simple tools that make your organization system that much easier to use and to manage for cons. We can also take simplicity because it can be a burden for some users who prefer complex tools to organize their lives. And also the digital environment may not be very convenient or the best start for some people.

I myself use a hybrid of an analog and digital system. There are some tests that I prefer to do on papers if that’s your case, and it prefer to all of your organization in paper that’s just fine. Also, you mostly need an internet connection.

If you live in an area where that’s hard to come by, you might have a lot of trouble making the most out of this ecosystem to build a foundation of our organization system.

We’re going to start with Google Keep and I believe that Google Keep is one of the most underrated organization apps out there yes we’ll keep is a very simple app but it’s really powerful because its simplicity ease transported to other types of Google apps like calendar in Gmail, but we will talk about that later.

So for now, what you need to know is that Google Keep acts as a dashboard where you can place post it notes with all kinds of to do’s of notes and reminders.

So in your main dashboard, you can see these little notes that you can color code and then click and drag according to your own priorities, your arrow key and even if you want, you can simply establish blocks of color so you can see how many tasks you have according to the topic you shows for each color. The best way to organize your notes with Google Keep is basically sabotaging a color for each kind of topic you are choosing for each node.

So for instance here I have yellow for every YouTube related task and I have blue for every school related.

Task wise tasks are personal tasks, including things like personal to do’s appointments, financial stuff, and so on. The second thing you can do to really organize your notes is using labels these act as tax so it can simply create a note, assign it a color, and then choose a label according to the topic of the notes.

So you can select the label on the left side of your screen to access all notes labeled with that name. Also, as I said before, you can click and drag every single note so you can have the order of notes that you prefer to get yourself organized. Also, since it’s a Google product. You can also download Google Keep to your phone, so it synchronizes with every

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Everything you do on your computer when you migrate all of your to do’s all of your notes, all of your project notes into Google Keep, you can definitely go to Google Calendar and start managing your time, your appointments and your tasks. My basic tip for Google calendar to work is creating a calendar for each categorized sort of information you’re trying to place your calendar.

So for instance, in my particular case, I use for instance, rav4 family sharing tasks and appointments. I use purple for my history classes, I use orange for any YouTube related stuff. This is a really good way for you to understand which parts of your week are allotted to certain parts of your life, and so on.

The second tip I can give for Google Calendar users is using the upper part of your calendar to schedule daily tasks instead of hourly events. So even if you’re using a calendar blocking technique to manage your time and your digital calendar sometimes

Your events that are occur hourly, but instead they occur on a daily basis. This happens mostly with holidays, birthdays and things like that. So what I do in these cases is creating that event, then assign it to one of those specific color coded calendars and then drag the event up to the top of my calendar where it will be considered a daily event that do not need to assign an hour for the event to be completed are finished possible. calendar has a function of sinking with all of your devices and also inviting it also allows you to invite people to share your calendar This is really good for things like housework, your business, teamwork, or even scheduling meeting hours with the book clubs, work groups, and so on.

The power of your Google ecosystem really shows up here when you access it tools in the right tab in the right side you have these little app lets that you can access to open up different Google apps that can synchronize and can be used with your Google Calendar.

So for instance, we have already set up all of our tasks in Google Keep. And by clicking the respective button on your Google Calendar app, you can access all those tasks so you can better understand by looking at those tasks. Those color coded knows how you need to schedule your time better, what type of to do’s you need to integrate into your calendar, what kind of goals you need to project in your schedule, and so on. Also, if you set reminders, both in your Google Calendar and in your Google Keep apps, you can also get on track with your tasks and with your events by being smart with how establish those alarms go off in your phone.

After that, I think it’s time for you to manage all of your files with Google Drive. If you’ll basically be the only file manager you need in case you have a permanent internet connection. So Google Drive is free until 15 gigs which may definitely not be enough for you to keep all of your files but 100 gigs goes for less than $2.

A month. And if you’re a student, that’s what you’ll need in case you deal with PDF and text documents. Mostly just like any file manager on your computer. Google drive’s allows you to create folders and organize them according to name and color. So you can basically create a full fledged file managing system online.

That way, you never fear losing your files since Google Drive backs up your documents to the cloud. So they’re always there. Even if your computer crashes. There’s nothing really special about Google Drive in itself.

It’s a very simple and powerful tool for you to organize all of your files and being sure that that can be accessed anywhere. If you cannot rely on a specific device to do all of your work.

You also have sharing capabilities with other users. And the good thing is you do not need to share your whole files with your friends and family because you can select the specific folders or files you want to share. Also, the good thing is that when you are storing documents in Google Drive if they are text based

documents, you can quickly open them up in Google Docs and added them on the go. And Google Docs is actually pretty powerful text editor, although is not as powerful as Microsoft Word, but it definitely has all the tools you need, including an commenting interface, as well as sharing capabilities that make it a solid text editor. In case you need something a little bit more structured than Google Keep.

It also has constant cloud backup. So you’ll never worry about losing your files. And although the tools are nothing to elaborate, they will make the job just fine.

Finally, I want to talk about Gmail. And I’m not going to talk about Gmail in itself as a mailing service in comparison to other mailing services. But I want to talk about the organization tools inside Gmail that make it the perfect tool for you to organize your mail if you are into the Google ecosystem. So the first thing I love about Gmail is the ability to call her

code and label my emails effectively, just like I do with my calendars. I have very specific labels in my Gmail, things like answered, not answered sponsorship, inquiry blog post, any school related emails and so on. And every time I get an email, I will automatically label it according to one of those things.

And I will just label of those unanswered or an open emails with that label. So I know I need to get back to them as soon as I can.

The second thing I enjoy about Gmail is that integration with other Google apps like calendar, Google came and tasks. So basically, you can open that side on the right side of your screen.

And Gmail lets you peek into those apps and use them side by side to interconnect all the information from that same account. This really comes in handy for some instance you’re using a gmail to schedule a meeting and you need to access your calendar instead of having to access the calendar in another tab or even in another device.

If you prefer it that way, you can simply open the Calendar tab inside your Gmail account and see if you have a free slot of time to schedule that meeting and just type your mail right on the go. The third thing I really enjoy about Gmail is the ability to have different in boxes.

So for instance, I have a ton of social emails arriving every single day to my inbox, people who are messaging me on social media emails that are getting to my YouTube account, things related to my Instagram people replying to blog posts on my website and so on. And usually those emails are not a priority for me to answer.

So they’re all filtered into the social inbox so I can get them when I can get to them. Instead of having to constantly see my main inbox being floated with promotional emails with forum responses with social reminders and so on. I want to thank skill share for partnering with me today and being incredible at supporting more than 7 million people in your

learning journey skill share is an online learning community with more than 25,000 classes in dozens of different categories and they can help you build new skills develop new strategies and learn more about anything feel curious about skill shares portfolio includes productivity and business master classes, tutorials on how to work with different types of software language classes are some design courses and so on.

Here you are seeing a class on easy project management with Google which will be pretty useful in case you want to take what you’ve learned from this video further.

Also, premium membership gives you unlimited access to all these incredible classes. So no individual payments required and since skill share costs less than $10 a month for the yearly subscription.

It’s the perfect companion for the learning with us.

Yes. Also if you are one of the first 500 people to click the link in the description box you’ll get your first two months of unlimited classes for free. Don’t forget subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you next week with

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How to Learn Amazing Reading Skills

Hey my friend. This is Darnell clock your industry leader in his career gang. Hey the answer man Hey, today’s topic is how to prep for a in person interview in today’s marketplace before I really get started I have something special for you I have a cheat sheet for interviewing is the interviewing cheat sheet is exactly what you need is perfect for anybody who really doesn’t have a good sense of what a interview is how you actually prep for I have a cheat sheet for you will love it. It is packed with information but you had stayed to the end to get it I promise you it is well worth so now how do you actually prep for an in person interview you know I have had opportunity to be on stages of conferences and workshops and seminars to thousands of people I have also done one on one consulting one on one contracting one on one clients that I have that I that I work with them one on one and

All the people that I have come across thousands of people on stage or workshops and seminars, hundreds of people want a little consulting and coaching. I have recognized that about 95% of people don’t really know how to prep for an interview. I asked people all the time, you know, are you ready for an interview as a yes. Well, how much and how long have you prep? Hey, I’ve only prefer to 1520 minutes or I didn’t prep at all. I’m just gonna go just talk off the cuff. Those type of people go to interviews. And don’t prep does not do well my friend so I’m not sure if you know me. See, I’m different than most career coaches. Most career coaches come from HR or recruiter cited off the side of the fence. Not me. I was the back in hiring authority working for IBM urging Yun Jie Coca Cola. I have a computer science degree and an MBA I was the back in hiring.

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These HR people will get with you. You have that discussion. You have to get through them before you get with me. But I was the backend hiring authority in my career. I have interview well over 300 people and I have personally hired over 250 people to work directly for me. I know what a good interview is. I know what a bad one is. I know exactly what I hire managers looking for.

Because I was one of all those many years. So now I’m going to tell you from the hiring managers perspective, what am I looking for? When I asked you certain questions, I’m going to give you the perspective of hiring authorities not HR, see if you can really think how a interview goes interview is really broken down in four stages. And if you can master those four stages, you will always be in a game for the interview those four stages is the stage number one is is is the introduction stage number two is the employer

Questions stays. Number three is the candidates questions and stays. Number four is the closing. And if you can understand those four stages and see what is expected of you, you will be able to have a high probability and high chance to be selected when you do an interview. So I’m going to break down the four stages and tell you exactly what it is how do you prep for it, and what do you need to do to master each stage stage one is in his introduction, the introduction is this is not the decision part where this this date is not where the employer or the interviewer will make a decision to hire you if that’s not that stage yet, but it is the stage if you patch it. If you blow this introduction stage. This is the stage where they will decide

Not to hire you is not the stage will they will they will decide to hire you but it is the stage will they decide not to hire you as a hiring authority I hired for two reasons to reason only one for likability and to fitness I will have to like you somewhere in this process of the interview, I would have to start liking you to see if I’m going to hire you.

I will never hire anybody I don’t like so that first introduction stage is all around into introducing yourself is the stage where the interview will ask you that question that freaks everybody out. Tell me about yourself, right? That’s the question that everybody starts with because we want to know a little bit about you. Now listen to me, my friend. When I asked you the question, tell me about yourself. I am not asking you where you from? What do you like to do? Do how many brothers and sisters you have are not efficient.

Interested in all that? I’m not. Also I’m not interested in hearing your 15 32nd

elevator pitch. You know the elevator pitch is a high level commercial or who you are a 15 2030

seconds high level general elevator pitch know when I asked you the question Tell me about yourself. I am looking for your value proposition. So what the heck is you have a value proposition in a nutshell your value proposition is a clear statement that explains how you will solve a company’s problem here, how you will improve their situation, what the liquid What do you deliver, what value and what strength Do you deliver to that organization as it connects to the job announcement and why should I hire you over someone else is specific. It is not general. Here’s the crust of it. When I asked you the question, why should I hire you?

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You I’m looking for who you are, what are you have your strength, your benefits as it connects to the actual job and mouse. That’s the key. The elevator pitch is general. It’s a general introduction of yourself. The value proposition is not gender specific of who you are, what do you bring to the table as the connects to the actual job? And now that’s the key. So if you have no idea how to craft your value proposition, when somebody asks you the question, tell me about yourself. Go below in the description field. I have created one of my first YouTube videos of how to address and handle Tell me about yourself. Question The title is, tell me, tell me about yourself. It is not a rendition of your resume. So here’s my tell you tell me about yourself that you have proposition. All right, Darnell, tell me about yourself. Hey, I am a lawyer.

Long learner, I take what I have learned in the past and I transition it to what I do now. I learned from my mistakes and my successes and I’m make sure that it I put it in play. So I can always learn from everything I do. I’m a high say, do I say what I do, and I do what I say. And that will make me a great asset to you and your organization. I’m dependable, reliable, and accountable for getting things done. I love to get to work to get things done. Because I believe in results. It is results and execution that I love so much. Most people say I get things done faster than most there’s no substitution for speed I call the speed of business results.

I truly love getting things done on time and within budget. I am a leader and I believe in delegation of authority because that drives individual accountability and at the bottom line, it grows people and make them be able to handle things at this

level and I’m truly excited by the opportunity that this position presents. You hear that? That’s my value proposition. Did you hear anything about my resume? Did you even hear the word resume? I say anything about my resume. I didn’t say anything about my accomplishments. I see say anything about where I worked at. When I asked you the question, tell me about yourself. I am not asking you for rendition of your resume. Because the very next question I will ask you right now, take me your resume. So that’s stage one. Stage one you must be able to address. Tell me about yourself. Why should I hire you? What’s your differentiation? What’s your strengths and your weaknesses and where you see yourself in five years? Right. Those are the introduction questions. Remember, I hire for two reasons likability and fitness. It’s an 8020 split. 20% of my questions is for likeability and then 80%

My question for fitness and then it transitioned from stage one to stage to stage two is employers questions? Yeah, that’s what I asked the question. All right. Not take me through your resume. Now, I need you to understand this. My friend, I need you to understand and know your resume called when I asked you to take me through your resume. The worst thing I can honestly say, that I see people do is that when I say, all right, take me through your resume. They open up their portfolio and they start reading their resume. I need you to script your resume. What the, what the heck does that mean? Yeah, script your resume. I need you to be able to script it you like as a person as an actor or a a, a actress, you know, so when in the movies or sitcoms, whatever they tell you their lives no different I need to script your resume. So how does it work? So

When I sat down to take me through your resume, I say while working for IBM from 2005 to 2017, you know, I was the program manager director. My responsibility was that because people always want to hear numbers and percentages, I was responsible for 25 people. And my budget was about $15 million our disposal for p&l to the organization and I was driving roughly about 100 million dollars to our to our services are from our products and services to our customers and our clients worldwide. Then my responsibilities XYZ, ABC, you see that and then when I finished with that, I say what my next position was, was what what Gee, I was working for GE from this time to this time for this position, my responsibility that I have 45 people reporting up to me, I had a budget of $65 million I responsible for my p&l to the business over 100 to $200 million to the business.

My responsibility was program project management I built a pm or office either Nana Nana, Nana and when I get finished with that I did this position that’s how you script it right? Do not spend a lot of time on your resume I want you to spend no more than two to five minutes maximum on your resume. So your resume got you in the door. The resume got UNIDO. Your resume was submitted for one reason. And one reason to get a call back for the interview. Your resume worked, your resume will not get you higher. The interview will get you high. So don’t spend a lot of time on your resume my friend to the five minutes get through it as fast as you can. If they want more information. They’ll ask their answer the question but get through it. By scripting your resume. Do not commit it to chance that you know what’s on your resume. I freaked people out and doing I was in interviews you know, I will have my friends.

resume it’ll be my portfolio but I would never pulled it out this. All right, Darnell, take me through your resume. And I just scripted and there’ll be looking at the resume while I’m talking. I hit our numbers and is exactly what they need. So stage two stars, where the question is, take me through your resume. Now most interviewers have a standard set questions that they want to ask. Remember, the second part of me, heart is fitness. I am trying to ascertain that you can do the job by because you have done it already. In today’s marketplace. We don’t hire people to train I know the millennials are having issues with that for sure. But I don’t have a budget to train so we don’t train what we want to do is hire you hit the ground running, learn it on a job so on the job training and hit the ground running when you hear that that means we are not training you whatsoever and only way you can hit the ground running because you have done it.

Before so so most employers are most most interview have standard interview questions they are trying to attach that whatever you have done before you have done it again now in these second stage there’s a two part interview process is your traditional interview questions and behavioral interview questions the majority of the marketplace now is going to majority of is going to behavior interview question if you don’t know what behavioral interview questions is all about. I crafted a four part series of how to handle behavioral interview questions go below in the description field and you’ll see a four stage process of handling How do you handle behavior interview question and when you handle behavior. Any question is all about behavior interview question is is a predictor is a predictor of what you did in the

Past is a predictor of what you have can can do in the present interviewer does not want to know what you think you can do the interviewer note wants to know what you actually have done and prove it and the way you do it by using the behavioral interview using the star method st AR s for situation to attach a for action are for results and throw one more in their lessons learned. So when they ask you a question and you will always know a behavior interview question when they started out like this. Tell me about a time when you did x y z show me a time when you did this. How did you did this? How did you handle that? So a one interview question is Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a co worker at work. How did you handle it you will have to use the star method s you must tell the situation innocent party is it isn’t here to

tardy, tardy it’s Eric Can you say the word out right? You must tell the situation T for task you must tell the task that you had to do a for action what action that you had to do to handle that task and are for result what results came from your actions and what lessons did you learn for that whole thing a normal traditional interview question if you talk in longer than 3545 seconds you’re talking too long but a behavior interview answer could be anywhere from a minute to two minutes, the three minutes the more detail you are the better it is for behavior interview question down below. Go find out how to do because they will ask you the question you know those behavioral interview questions and if you cannot handle it, it would destroy that part. This stage is the stage that it that the interviewer will decide if you are the person

That they want to hire. The first stage gives them the ability to who you are. Now I’m starting to like you. The second stage, which is the second part is a fitness. I am now trying to ascertain that you can do the job because you show me how to do it. That’s the fitness part. Listen, there is a big difference between traditional interview questions and the behavioral interview questions every time you open your mouth to add to answer any question, you must connect what you have done in the past to what the job announcement is. So I asked you the question, my friend when you see a job announcement to you, like how long and how often do you read it? I need you now to understand it is the job announcement that connects to your resume that connects what you do that you what you have done that will get you the job you spend at least 25 to 32 hour on that job description when I look at

job description. I spend roughly about two or three hours I get my markers, I get my pins, I carve it out. I try to find the what the requirements and I tried to get those requirements as it connects to something in my resume accomplishments, the things that I have done in my resume like connect the dots you must connect the dots. As a hiring manager we are looking for somebody that can get the job done you my friend must be in a solving problem business you must be able to solve businesses solve problems I’m hiring you not just because I want to hire you I’m hiring you because I got some problem that needed to get done and you my friend in the interview stage to the interview the employers questions you must connect what you have done in the past to the actual job announcement. So I can see you have done it already. I can’t tell you how many millennials have issues with that because they want training they want mentorship and in the month

marketplace we just don’t do that right now. I’m sorry millennials but we just don’t do that right now. So you will have to understand that whatever you have done in the past is a predictor of what you can do in the future that is stage to employers questions, you must be able to connect what you have done in the past to the actual job announcement. I need you to spin Elisa hour on that job announcement so they can so you can connect the dots so you can see the job announcement and you can see how it connects to the actual job And now’s your resume connected you must connected that stage three tours in of all of the interview. The interviewer will always say, all right, Daniel, I have everything I need by I have everything I need. And so now

Do you have any questions for Me and I can tell you how many times I have interview people remember I have interview over 300 people. I can’t tell you how many times an interview interview will come in. I said, Do you have any questions for me? And they say, No, listen, my friend

at this stage, the interviewer is trying to ascertain what

how do you determine how much interest do you have for this position? See, if you really wanted that position, you will spend some time and craft some interview questions. So when they said do you have some interview questions for me? I want you to say yes, and I want you to pick your portfolio up just like this. I want you to open it

I want you to pull your questions out there looks just like this

right here on in here on my interview questions. I want you to make sure they have the text

is large enough so so they can see that you have crafted up, I want you to put it back on your portfolio. I want you to take your input. And I want you to now read that first question. And the first question is, what kind of person? Are you looking to fill this position? And what is your ideal candidate looks like get ready, my friend, get ready to write down because the interviewer is getting ready to tell you exactly what they are looking for. They might have said it sometime in the interview. They might not. But now they’re getting ready to tell you exactly what they are looking for. You write it down because this is the beginning of your clothes, right? And so always be able to add that is the first question you ask. And then some of the other questions you can ask is on here. And then this last question the second from last question, I want you to always ask this question this guy

licenses. Now that you had a chance to meet and interview me, what reservations would you have for putting me in this position? Yeah, Margaret, you put them on the spot. Yes. You have put them on the spot. Hey, I need you to conquer your fear. Don’t worry about it. See, number question number one. If they say Yeah, well, we’re looking for XYZ, ABC. And then you hear Hey, that’s me. I have either done that before. It is part of my strength package. Never go to an interview. When you know the position is in your weakness package. You only go to interviews that you know as part of your strengths. That’s why you need to know what your strengths are what your weaknesses are. Never ever ever ever go to a interview when you know it’s not part of your strength package. Never go to interview when you know as part of your weaknesses. No, no, no, no,

you can never perform at a high level.

Doing things that you’re not good at, because it’s part of your weaknesses. No, don’t do that. So the first question is, will, hey, we’re looking for this. We’re looking for that. Hey, then you got to hear that. Is that part of me? That’s part of my strength packet. I have done that before. When you hear that, that question,

let’s, you know, you let you think that you are a good fit, you are a good fit for the position that ate that. That’s that question before. The last question is that hey, what

said you had a chance to meet and interview me? What reservation do you have? And put me in this position? Yeah, you put them on the spot. Listen to that. Because if the interview start talking to negative, well, you don’t have this. You don’t have that you don’t have this, hey,

you are not in the game. Wrap that interview up as fast as you can, and get the heck out of there because you are not going to get that job. But if they say, well, Darnell, I don’t have any

any reservations? We’re looking for x, y. z. You had that? Would you describe it? Pretty good. We are still interviewing but I don’t have no reservations. Now you know that they think you are a good fit. Remember, the first question is positive, it lets you know that you are a good fit. Now, that second question lets you know they think you are a good fit, and if it’s a good fit, and if is the position that you will love to do then transition into the fourth stage, which is closing, you ask this last question of what’s the next step? What’s the next step in the timeline, they’ll ask, they’ll tell you the next step. And then if they if you like it, it’s a good fit. Then I want you to transition into the clothing by asking for the job. Yes, my friend.

You ask for the job you have. Not because you ask not what shoot man what a job you do this So you asked what the next step. So you say, all right, Mr. Clark, I got the next step. I appreciate the opportunity this interview, right? I think I did a great job. I wait patiently for the next step. Because you say, in the next couple of weeks, you’ll have an answer. So now let me leave you with this. In closing, this is your clothes. Let me leave you with this.

Yeah, I am very interested what I have learned here today and the opportunity that this position present right I believe I will love working with working here and learning from you as well. Is there anything else you need to know about my background to determine that I go to the next step in the interview process? Because I want this job that strive you just ask for the job. Some people like okay as what a job I’m scared. Listen, I need you to conquer your fear. I need you to to feel the fear and do it. Anyway, conquer your fear. conquer your fear.

And if you conquer your fear, you’ll be the captain of your ship and a master your destiny. conquer your fear and ask that question and ask for the job. You ask for the job. Listen, listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen.If you don’t hear me, listen now.

I have interviewed over 300 people and only one person at all those people ever asked for the job. And he’s the only one I hired on the spot. Those other over 250 people I hired I still took him through the whole process in made him an offer, but he’s the only one I interview and he asked for the job. He’s the only one I hired on the spot. I can’t tell you how many times I have used that since he did it to me. He did it to me early in my career. So cool. I start in doing it myself. Now. I told you on one side of the fence. I was a higher authority working

for IBM at Ernst young a GE and Coca Cola hire people but early in my career I got my computer science degree in an MBA and all these it certification and I became a perpetual job hopper I noticed right now the marketplace doesn’t mind that you job haha we have become a nation of job hoppers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says for the first time in our nation’s history more people have quit their jobs thing got laid off. The average life cycle of a job is only five years every three to five years. My friend you’re going to be looking for we can be looking for a job but we are nation the job I don’t call them job hoppers. I call it free agent we are a free agent nation unbounded, untethered to one organization taken our talents to the whole marketplace instead of one boss in one one company. That’s what we do now. Right? But I was doing it before this was cool. I was going from job to job every 24 months every 18 to 24 months I would job hopping because I was trying to go get that K.

Every job opportunity came up to get more money. I left one company and went to another why I was in a job search mode.

Other side of the fence I submitted over 5000 resumes. What a dark, you know, up to 5000 resume because I keep track of everything I know who I submitted it to when I submitted to what information I got from it. What company I submitted you I know everything from those 5000 resume. I have had over 200 interviews. Yeah. Does that mean every interview possible that you know that it had a Skype interview in person interview a phone interview interview with HR interview as a group interview as a panel, I have interview all of it and mastered all of them. And early in my career. I recognize the ability to ask for the job. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used it.

And it worked for me. You know, as a director, senior director over the past 1015 years in the marketplace, I was always interviewing when I go to an interview the person was interviewing me was either general managers, vice presidents, CIOs, CEOs, or see in a minute medium or small medium companies. They were big baller shot callers and I have used the each and every time Excuse me,

I can’t tell you how many people stopped and say, Wow, Darnell, you just asked me for the job. Outstanding Young man. I’m a man a vice president. She was so impressed that I asked for a job. She hired me on the spot. Yes, yes. Yes, sir. So I always use it. Now when you ask somebody for the job. One or two things are going to happen either they can like wow, I’m so impressed. That’s what a job or you’re going to have somebody like man is do just as before the job How dare he have enough.

goon is encouraged as for the job now I’m not giving you for a job when you come across those people who are put up because you asked for the job listen you don’t want to work for those type of people anyway they’re scared you have enough courage and fortitude to ask for what you want and they’re scared to hire you because you think you’re going to take their job you got all right I’m gonna take your job if you think that I’m going to be scared to not ask for the job and you’re not going to give it to cuz cuz you got scared that I’ve had enough fortitude and confident as for you better believe I’m going to ask I’m going to take your position Oh buster, it Hey, but don’t worry about it. So you ask for the job. And then I want you to give them your personal guarantee. Listen, my friend, I can’t tell you how many people scared to put them cell phone line. You give me a personal guarantee. And you say after you say I want this job. Listen, Mr. Clark.

If you hire me I give you my personal guarantee that if you select me

You will not be sorry or disappointed. You hired me. So when you go in the back and you start talking to your team, and you decide who is the best person for the job. Think of me. Mr. Clark. When you go on your team and say, who can hit the ground running because they’ve done it before, and they don’t need little to no supervision. Think of me. Best o’clock. Hi, my name is the clock because I want this job. That’s right. And you shut up and let them talk. Listen, my friend, that is your differentiation.

That right there will put you over the top with anybody. I’m telling you right here right now. My friend. nobody’s doing this. No one is going to be asking for the job because they told freaking scared but not you. You raise up your courage and boldness and you come before us for the job. I want that job if you hire me, Mr. Clark. I guarantee you won’t be sorry or unhappy that you hired me I promise you so there you go for it.

So let me recap. let me recap. There’s four stages of interview. The first day is introduction. This is where you must be able to answer the question. Tell me about yourself. Stage Two is the employers questions. Employers question will give you traditional interview questions and behavioral interview question you must be able to handle both. And stage three is the candidates question.

You always come with questions and you always ask the question what they’re looking for and you capture it. You always ask the question now you had a chance to interview me what reservation we have put me in this position. You always ask that question. And then the final question you always ask for next steps. And then you transition right into the closing by asking for the job which is days for my friend. So then you go, I told you in the beginning, I have something special for you. I have an interview cheat sheet. The interviewing cheat sheet is everything I talked about here. Plus

Much much more it tells you how you supposed to dress in today’s marketplace before in a bit and back in the day it was always suit and tie knot in more my friend you must understand the culture of the organization would tell you how you dress for interview it tells you about how to address and handle the question to tell me about yourself. It talks about the the ability to handle behavior interview questions, it gives you the top 20 most common asked questions in an interview and it gives you the answers to it gives you everything right. It also gives you the ability to understand that your salary it tells you how to find your salary. Never, ever ever go to an interview and you don’t know what the salary is for this position. Down below my friend. I made a video of how to address salary question is down there too. Now lastly,

I can’t tell you how. How many people that I know go to an interview it doesn’t go well any questions them this in my friend, you are not responsible to go to the interview to make somebody like you know what they’re going to do you don’t know why they’re going to hire you.

Why not you are not responsible to find out if they like you are not you are not responsible if they give you the job offer not your responsibility is my friend is to come to the interview and deliver the package What the heck is the package everything I taught you how to prep how to prep and prepare for an interview.

That’s the package your responsibility is to prep and practice everything I showed you here come to the interview and the liver what you practice that’s it you’re not responsible for if they like you. You’re not responsible for if they made your offer. That’s not what you’re supposed to do. Your responsibility is to get to that to the interview.

delivered a package if you get the offer great if you don’t so what is not your responsibility listen no man can open a door to anything any door closes and no man could close any door God opens in that position is for you is for you and there’s nothing they could do about it it will be for you my friend. So if you don’t get it, learn from it, go to another interview and keep learning and you keep doing it until you get hired my friend so there you go.

So if you like this video, click on the like button I truly love when you click on the like button and share with four or five friends I need you to share this with five friends this is how I get my content out I I do it. The way I get my content out is when you share it with five friends so I asking you to share with all five friends and more but minimum five friends in in the comment field. Give me a comment or your feedback or any questions you have.

Have because I’m Darnell clock the answer man there’s no question that you can ask me that I will not have an answer for and I answer every comment every feedback and every question down there I personally answer it and as always if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel subscribe to my channel on the side is that bill click on that bail my friend so you can be notified every time I come out with fresh new content so there you go my friend this is how you prep for in person interview you spend hours so if the interview is four or five days out I want you to spend one hour a day prepping it will serve you well when you get into that interview. So this is Darnell Clark you your your your industry leader, your career coach say hey there’s one thing I recognized for sure that is whatever you want in life. You got to go get it now go get that interview because I showed you how to do it. I see you later. Today we’ve cooked up a video where we teach you know less than 50 wicked football skills and while you might have seen a few of them before you can still use the video as your personal skills Bible that you can pull out before training or match so sit back dealer number one the fake classical facing the defendant you saw him in by pushing the ball forward then you know quick scooping motion dragon away from it’s a bit like the elastic only done with inside of your step

number two the street running with speed you get ready to take on the defendant. And just before reaching in you slow down only to explode away. Again. Lowering the pace for a moment is key because the defendant will sleep the same

Number three, the fake shot. This is what you would call all school move probably the most effective dribble and football set yourself up for a shot and slide to all you have to do now is to not follow through all around the defense.

Step number four is the stop and go running down the line with the defender in your back. You stop the ball with the outside of your foot. Then do a quick body thing and drag the ball with you in the opposite direction. Great, simple and effective move.

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Number five the rollback. Roll the ball back to the side of your body and wait for the defendant to come rushing in. When the timing is right, quickly drag the fall back again and accelerate the way

number six is the outside touch receiving a pass with a defendant chasing you down. This is the perfect skill to send him for a hot dog. Just before touching the ball. There was more money fame tap the ball with the outside of your first in the opposite direction and seventh place is the stop and shop running with the defender on your side.

Do this step on the ball with one foot into a chop with your other it’s a great way to buy yourself some time number eight the zigzag if you’ve got some speeding you This move is even better. T

ake on the defendant and take a shop touch to one side. Now run a bit past the pool so you can top it again outside of your foot in the opposite direction. Thank You for reading
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