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How to maintain your health living status

My mother was lucid and alert when she was hospitalized for pneumonia. But by the middle of the first night, she was wondering how she had ended up at a “hotel” that allowed strangers to enter her room at all hours. The second night, she wandered into the corridor, slipped, and fractured a hip. She didn’t leave the hospital alive.
What is up guys it is I cannot hear and we got a very special episode because they I am back with

today’s Tips is why is French So Dan sexy because me personally as an American as someone who learn French I learned it you know little little bit because it has such a reputation for being so

happy. So and it’s funny because a lot of French people are Belgian people like French is not last section. But for us Americans. It really is like a language of this language of love. It’s a language of just just pure unadulterated sexiness heard that so many times when people are telling me all this sounds so sexy.

I mean it’s normal for me is true is cheating because you got a nice voice to you know, maybe to basically how this video is going to work is I’m going to have five sentences that I’m going to say well she’s going to say them in first and French and I’m going to say the English version and you guys can tell me what sounds sexier in the comments below. And then after that we have a little bonus.

So the other five senses is I’m going to be speaking in my other languages and where to be comparing those languages to French. So for example, like Japanese versus or Russian versus French etc. Alright, are you ready for this?


Alright, so the first one the sound sound as sexy as possible, you know, look into the camera do what you gotta do

now in English, your feet need to buy some so

I think French would add like a French sexiness. You know,

we will definitely video editor put that in A Meeting if you fall down 1000 times get back up 1000. I don’t know. I don’t know. What would you feel about that guys? Yeah, yeah, you guys have to tell us like best for every sentence you can put in the comments below. Like, for example, I was sentence number two. You just put like, you know, 1-234-567-8910 and you can say like, either friend or sexier or English or another language that the sexier right so got it done in English. That dude is

can’t even see this anymore. I don’t I don’t know what to do. I feel trapped.

Okay, that dude is so dirty he never wash. I would have to get that to French in French. I don’t know it sounded like you were just talking about it kind of felt like I was giving you some company yeah

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yeah was like it was like you know anyone anyone that was speaking English the walks by would be like

instead of you’re like, really? Like it was actually nice to know many languages because you never know if someone is talking shit behind your back. Yeah, happened to me so many times when I was traveling in so many fights, just because people were like talking shit behind me. But they didn’t know it’s being friends. They love to do it to do it. Unfortunately, for me, even though there’s like six languages that I understand. I haven’t actually had the experience. I don’t know why. I don’t think people will really talk shit about why

Next one

is we can Play play play. Oh please. Alright so it’s Can I have some eggs with bacon and cheese and do some little bit better French? I don’t know this is a big no

no, no. Sometimes people like my mom always says like sometimes at soccer like people are like yeah there’s like a recipe recipe boys and I like this and normal Yeah, but in some ways like this normal so you know, it’s

all right. Next one. Let me wait. Was that sexy? way too much. That was that was like I’m fine. The translation was follow me on Instagram I can I take the best photos that’s what’s up and you should her influence Mana Mana mine is I can obey and now we’re getting to the bonus round all right but obviously be sure don’t forget to comment what you thought one every single sentence little battle every single sentence and now we’re going on to sentence number six I am pretty sure I’m going to see some comments from American people home saying own lead different oh don’t do that to her no come on come on okay so it’s going to be Dutch and since it’s a different language I’m gonna say it first so first let me say the English translation you are unbelievable I’m very impressed to indulge it is a bet on hopefully you’ve been air under the intro Wow tell us what you think is in the next one is Chinese

New sure pretty good

not bad phrase I put in Chinese The next one is you know next one is Japanese

I’m really gonna try with this one

Facilitate Why are you taking

up the sexy we’re gonna crank up let’s crank up the the sexiness level that mean that means like from this point on forget about me

that’s become I don’t speak Spanish is my next language. So I got to put a little bit of spice in the Japanese for now. You know will be more. Okay, sure it is. We wait. I gotta be more.

Yeah. Oh

actually I wanted to do another Chinese one. Just

throw it in there again, iTunes, Joshua. Ciao. Ciao.

Basically what I said was love and french fries are basically the same thing.

Give it to give it some some prison one as far

Alright guys so we have come to the final one I hope it has been interesting so far but now it’s time to get serious and sexy to want to go with Russian and


because when you have to push it really sounds like you know what I said was I wanted tickle your belly but never know you never know when that phrase might you know might come up because like this the way you said it was very late so I will freak out freak out.

That was not bad. Not bad. I’m not sure which one sounds sexy though but obviously

I had to include at least one funny phrase in there otherwise

well yeah that was a little sexiness competition and I think for the most part French came out on top for a lot of different things but maybe one or two of the other languages or maybe even you find English to be sexy but you gotta let us know so definitely let us know in the comments again this is Brendan monitor Instagram right here definitely go follow her you know she’s on the quest to hit that 50 k myself I’m on the quest to hit that 10 k I’m getting close to I think I like 7000 something followers now so it would be dealt if you guys uh. You know show your support and give us a follow that’s my music to me and and she has a music coming soon. So definitely, you know, show your support give us some love and hate that follow one as well as of course subscribe And yeah, guys, thank you so much.

Her story, though extreme, is sadly typical. According to several major studies, about half of people over 65 have episodes of delirium — a sudden change in mental status — during hospital stays, and those who do are at increased risk for falling, requiring nursing home care, and developing cognitive impairment and dementia.

It’s easy to understand why hospitalization can be disorienting. Your daily routine is overturned, you are introduced to a stream of new caregivers, and it’s hard to sleep through the night. Anesthetics or sedative medications can also affect your mental state. But decades ago, Dr. Sharon Inouye, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, recognized that delirium in older patients isn’t an inevitable consequence of hospitalization.
HELP during hospitalization

Dr. Inouye and colleagues developed the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP). Available at 200 hospitals in the United States, HELP involves identifying patients at risk for delirium when they enter the hospital and assigning them to receive special care to minimize six major risk factors associated with delirium — cognitive impairment, sleep deprivation, immobility, visual impairment, hearing impairment, and dehydration. Studies have found that HELP is associated with significant reductions in the percentage of patients who develop delirium. It is also linked to fewer falls while in the hospital, shorter hospital stays, fewer nursing home admissions, and a lower rate of cognitive and physical decline.
What you can do to avoid delirium

If you or a loved one is scheduled for a hospital stay, ask whether your hospital has HELP or another program for preventing delirium. If not, there are several things you can do as a patient or caregiver.

If you’re going into the hospital:

    Gather your records. Prepare a “medical information sheet” listing all your allergies, the names and phone numbers of your physicians and your usual pharmacy, all your medical conditions, and all the medications — both prescription and nonprescription — you’re currently taking. Have your medical records forwarded to the doctors who will be caring for you.
    Bring the essentials. You’ll need your glasses, hearing aids and fresh batteries, and dentures. Ask if you can bring a few familiar things like family photos, a good book, or an MP3 player with your favorite music or relaxation exercises.
    Set up a support team. Let family and friends know you’re being hospitalized and ask them to visit.

If you’re a caregiver:

    Arrange companionship. Schedule family and friends to visit in shifts — and stay overnight, if possible.
    Work with the nurses. See if they’d like your help in encouraging the person to eat, stay hydrated, and to participate in rehabilitation therapy.
    Be vigilant. If you notice signs of confusion, memory problems, or personality changes, let the nurses or physicians know immediately.

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